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Jun 22, 2013 12:30pm PDT
to the world economy. >> at the summit the g8 leaders issued a cautious assessment of the global economy. in a statement, the g8 warned that, quote, global economic prospects remain weak. though downside risks have reduced thanks in part to significant policy actions taken, unquote. in the u.s., the euro zone and japan. they depicted 2014 as a quote unquote difficult one with the euro zone in recession and the american economy still hampered by high unemployment. china did not participate in the discussions since china is not a member of the g8 although japan, its neighbor, is. >> why are the economies around the world slowing down. >> because the economies around the world have accumulated too much debt and they don't know how to get the economies moving again. china's growth rate is down to 6 or 5%. no one knows where it's going. exports within the european community are dropping all over the place. virtually every european country -- look at the unemployment rate in spain. it's 26%. you look at italy, france and spain, they're all cass -- basket cases. they have a debt to retail. just
Jun 19, 2013 6:30pm PDT
>>> the incoming data supports the economy can sustain a reasonable cruising speed. we'll ease the speed to gradually to pace purchases, however any movement made by considering the brakes by raising short term rates are far in the future. >> the tail of the taper, the federal reserve chairman lays out a road map for scaling back on stimulus. bond yields jump and we'll see what it mens for your investments. >>> treating obesity, 1/3rd of american adults and 17% of children are considered to have a disease and could have implications for doctors, patients, insurers and health care. >>> congress questions the effectiveness of a safety mandate and skrud news the mandate. that and more tonight on nightly business report for wednesday, june 19th. >>> ben bernanke has spoken and now investors all around the world have a much better idea of when the federal reserve will start cutting back on the massive stimulus program. the fed chairman said that process could begin later this year and the bond purchases could end completely by the middle of 2014 but only if unemployment and housing
Jun 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
on whether the economy continues to improve. gone in two days were was last two months of gains in the stock market. for the year stocks are up more than 12%, even if a lot of us have doubts about the health of the economy. >> unemployment needs to be fixed, housing market. >> i'm worried about the economy. >> reporter: what is next? the year is almost half way down. corporate reports will come out soon and experts are nervous, housing recovery, mortgage rates are inching up. >> these stocks will be volatile until we get clarity on what the feds are doing. >> reporter: there is no shortage of opinions even inside the fed itself. jim bullard said the bond buying was inappropriate time. >> i think the fed was purposely trying to take air out of the housing market and stock market. they don't want the stock market going up 20% every six months and house prices rising 10% year after year. >> reporter: they took bernanke at his word, the economy is recovering and a policy charge is a short-term shock to the system. >> we're babying, over medicating this economy. this economy is like a 12-year-old
Jun 20, 2013 6:30pm PDT
? or is this a chance to take advantage of lower asset prices just as the economy shifts into a higher gear? >> one point we think a lot of investors are missing, though, is that the fiscal drag to the economic growth scenario for the u.s. next year becomes far more favorable. >> let's get prospective from phil orlando. phil, as always, good to see you. question number one, is this bull market interrupted or bull market fatally wounded. >> we're just interrupted, tyler. there is no question the sell off was a reaction but the market is missing it. the federal reserve in our view is going to be making a data dependent decision. for them to pull it that's been aggressive for a number of years, they have to believe the economy is ready to grow at 3% or better and they wouldn't pull the accommodation if they felt the economy was weak. so that's a positive, not a negative. >> basically, it seems to me, phil, that what chairman bernanke said yesterday is what he's been saying for months. he did put more sharp points on it but what occurs to me is that the sentiment in the market has changed. a month ago
Jun 14, 2013 6:30pm PDT
% under valued and as the economy stabilized, we think investors will return to those names. >> okay. >> now you can do stock selection there but given the risk, we think bundling them into a single eft is the way to go. >> let's start with discover financial, dff on the big bored. why do you like this one? >> well, we like this one and largely because it's got a hidden gem. in audition to the well-known credit card component of their business, they are also one of the three players in the payment processing business. so you've got the bank networks, you've got american express and you've got discover and discover is taking market share from the banks and american express faster than anybody else. they signed an agreement with paypal that gives them a tremendous opportunity for growth over the next several years and in audition to that they are a balance sheet lengther and as those credit card balances grow, so do their earnings. the old hp, they messed up a bit, maybe over paid on the acquisition with the most recent earnings, it sounds like they turned the corner there. >> any disc
Jun 22, 2013 12:30am PDT
not a lot of people who wanted to take down dams. with the bad economy there is not a lot of money to pay for it. this project is goingó[ to jump-start this movement again. it's closely watched by engineers andçó biologistshnoun the country. >> it'st(çó obsolete.é@ if you have an old car or "tclding, after a while there is only so many times you canqxd k fixing it before you need to buy a new one. this dam was built when warren g. harding was president, 92 years ago. overtime the dams silt up behind them. that comes down thejf river and help replenish beaches gets stuck and the water gets fullq up. this reservoir!u is 95% full. a bunch of dirt and filled it almos4ñá alljf the way on and t ont( the water, you only store bit of water. it's useless. statet( engineers said in an earthquake it could collapse. if it collapsed, the amount of mud and sand behind that can fill 250,000 dump trucks. it would kill everything in the river and take out about 1500 houses. >> how are they going to get rid of itfá all? >> it's lpÑiinteresting. th the bottom withxd dynamite andw press the plun
Jun 15, 2013 1:30pm PDT
the economy, but we have this problem. this is a big problem, i think. >> it's improving, but i think it's improving for the woman. we have good future for the afghan woman, yes. they came here for an education. >> the two women are dressed very much like we're dressed. yet, you're wearing something on your head, and you're not. let's talk about that. >> it belongs to a person but in the islamic culture we have to cover, but we have a traditional dress in islam culture and afghanistan culture, dresses am islam. but nowadays every person, globalization, it belongs to the person what they wear. for example, this is my bracelet i wear at the university. they are similar to the western bracelets. >> you're dressed without a veil today or something on your led. is that comfortable for you? are you allowed to do that at home? >> no. >> you don't have to? >> no, no problem. outside from home, this is my clothes. >> i lps want to talk about entertain -- also want to talk about entertainment, the freedom to have fun. can you have entertainment or are their security concerns in the process. >> it'
Jun 15, 2013 12:00am PDT
of things. the economy is growing at half or so. , allost-world war ii rate the problems with the lack of people who are working over the last six years, we still have not caught up to where we were in the number of americans employed. long-term unemployment is growing. income inequality is growing. we do not have a modern system. very few people line up at american consulates to come to american elementary and high schools. lots of things are wrong and my argument is severalfold. he cannot set an example that the other world wants to emulate so we lose the struggle of the competition of ideas. unless we get these things right, we are not going to have the resources to be a great power and lead the world. if there is no alternative to a world led by the united states, than what matters is the ability of the united states to act in the world and to play a large role. this becomes an academic opposition. unless we put our economic and political house in order, we are not going to have that capacity. my argument is not that we overdo these things to make it a better society to the 300 mil
Jun 17, 2013 6:30pm PDT
of the $72 trillion global economy are meeting to discuss a whole array of issues. that set by the agenda of david cameron. key nations such as the united states, russia and japan are all here to discuss trade issues, there are great hopes of a trade deal between europe and the united states that could be worth up to $100 billion in the united states. we're going to be talking about tax avoidance issues which could have ramifications for companies such as amazon and google. those companies say we are abiding by the laws of those countries. elsewhere the whole syrian issue overriding a lot of talks. there's a big dispute between president putin of russia and the rest of the g8 nations about what to do. president obama said to me earlier today, the talks had been excellent between himself and russia. there appears to be an opinion about how to resolve this crisis. for nightly business report, i'm steve sedgwick. >> in another bit of international diplomacy. the european union is likely to approve the plan without any conditions. the $10 billion deal would combine the owner of the new york s
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)